Steamed Sakura Ebi Taro Kueh (樱花虾芋头糕)

More commonly known as Orh Kueh, is it also called kueh keladi kukos and is essentially a steamed taro cake. A popular favorite for breakfast and tea-time, the wholesome textures as well as the accompanying ingredients make it a simple meal on its own as well. Many traditional families have their own steam taro cake recipe, tweaked and perfected over generation in accordance to the preference of those who are blessed to try. Apart from the generous chunks of taro which are found in every slice, while other condiments include dried shrimp, chopped chinese mushrooms and for that extra treat, sakura ebi artisanally sourced from Taiwan and Japan . And to crown it all, a generous spread of toppings including fried shallots, toasted sesame seeds and a cincang of red chilies and spring onions…
1 box for 55 dollars. 8″ square, about 2″ height. cuts to 32 slices or kept as an entire square whole. The order does not include dark sweet sauce or sambal chili.

orh kueh1
orh kueh
orh kueh 1

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