DONG DONG DONG QIANG! Hello all! Many of you have been making inquiries about kueh orders for Chinese New Year 2020. So here is the list of kuehs I will be offering for CNY 2020 orders during 17th Jan 2020 (Friday) to 2nd Feb  2020 (Monday).

kuehs 2020

(1) Lapis sagu rainbow  – 58 dollars per tray with 36 slices or as a whole. Please read clause (v) below on ordering lapis sagu during CNY period. Lapis sagu in other colour schemes or configurations will NOT be available during this period of time.

(2) Kueh salat pandan – 55 dollars per tray with 32 slices or as a whole

(3) Kueh salat durian MSW – 88 dollars per tray with 32 slices or as a whole

(4) Bika ambon – 55 dollars per tray with 32 slices

(5) Abok abok sagu – 55 dollars per tray with 32 slices

(6) Kueh koswee gula melaka – 45 dollars per tray with 32 slices

(7) Steamed sakura ebi taro kueh – 65 dollars as a whole (can be cut to 32 slices)


Before you place your orders, please take some time to read the following

(i) CNY 2020 kueh orders refer to orders made between 17th Jan 2020 to 2nd Feb 2020 inclusive. Kindly refer to the other pages for photos & descriptions of the various types of kuehs listed above.

(ii) The minimum order remains as 1 tray per type of kueh with a minimum number of 2 trays of different types of kuehs per order. There will not be able any mixed platters of assorted kuehs in smaller quantities being offered. Other types of kuehs like kueh dadar, kuih cara berlauk, kueh koo, kueh chara pandan etc will NOT be available during this period of time as well. Kindly refrain from putting forth requests for kuehs which are not mentioned in the list above. Please note that the service to split kuehs into trays of assortments will not be available during this period of time.  The kuehs will be presented as seen in the collage photo above.

(iii) Bitesize cutting service is also not available during this period of time. Only slices of lapis sagu will be individually wrapped with plastic to prevent them from sticking together.

(iv) All kueh orders have to collected or arranged for delivery strictly between 9.30 am to 12 pm throughout this period of time. Delivery can be arranged and delivery charges are not of a fixed rate but based on timing and location. Kindly note that holiday surcharges may be chargable by the courier company (lalamove). Details of collection location will be provided upon confirmation of orders.

(v) Orders are based on first come first serve basis and is confirmed only after full payment is made in advance.  Prices quoted are in Singapore dollars and payment can be made either through ATM/local online banking/PAYLAH/PAYNOW transfer. Payment details will be provided during the finalisation of an order upon which the payment transfer is expected to be completed within the next 24 hours as confirmation for the order after the payment advice has been issued. We regret that we will not be able to accept cash payment on collection/delivery with no exceptions whatsoever. Order requests not confirmed with payment within the stipulated time frame will automatically be void with the slot rolled over to the next inquiring client.

(vi) All orders for lapis sagu rainbow  cannot be a “standalone order” and must be accompanied with additionally 2 other trays of kuehs. There is a maximum quota of 1 tray of lapis sagu per customer per day to ensure that as many people get to enjoy this popular kueh as possible. For example, if one wishes to order 1 tray of lapis sagu rainbow for CNY Day 1, another two trays of kuehs (totaling 3) would have to be included in the same order as well, e.g. with 1 tray of kueh salat pandan and 1 tray of kueh koswee gula melaka.

(vii) As all kuehs will still be freshly made during this festive period, it is highly recommended for collections or deliveries of orders to be made on THE SAME DAY you wish for the kuehs to be served to your guests. It is not advisable to collect a day before as the kuehs may not be as fresh as they are intended to be on the next day. The latest collection/ arranged delivery timing of 12 pm on each day applies. There is not allowance for afternoon or evening/night collections.

(viii) There is no “closing date” for orders. I will close orders when the daily quota set is fulfilled. As such, it is highly recommended that you make and confirm your orders as soon as possible to avoid disappointment and frustration.

(ix) Orders can be made through IG messaging (@alan_travellingfoodies). The messages will be responded and replied in the order which they are being received. Please do not leave comments below, messaging via facebook, watsapp or emails as they will not be responded.

(x) The kuehs should be enjoyed within the same day while they are freshly made, best consumed as quickly as possible within the next 4-6 hours after they have been collected/delivered. They ought to be stored in a cool, preferably air-conditioned environment at all times to ensure the quality and integrity of the kuehs. Room temperature conditions in our tropical weather would accelerate the deterioration of quality of the kuehs. Any kuehs unconsumed within the stipulated time frame stated above should be stored in the refrigerator. Kuehs which had been subject to prolonged storage in the fridge e.g. overnight may require gentle steaming the next day to reconstitute and soften them again.

Keong Hee Huat Chye and we look forward to make kuehs for you and your loved ones during this season of joyous festivities!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Simone says:

    Can I know where to collect if I order for CNY


    1. Alan (travellingfoodies) says:

      Self collection is at sengkang area. Kindly note that I am fully booked for 2nd to 6th Feb already. Thanks


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