Frequently Asked Questions…

Dear friends, thank you for visiting our page and taking an interest in our kuehs.

Before you place your orders, you may use wish to run through the following list of questions which are frequently raised by our clients, which might help you clear some of your personal doubts.

* How do I go about placing an order?
Kindly contact us either through Instagram (IG) messaging to discuss order details, i.e. available dates, quantities, special arrangements and specifications etc.

IG – @alan_travellingfoodies

It would also help if you can let us know the details to your order, i.e. date, type of kueh you wish to order, nature of event or function the kuehs would be for etc.

* Is there an order form or template in this website where I can fill in the details for my order?
This website serves more like a catalogue to showcase the kuehs and delicatessen we offer for orders. We prefer to liase with our customers through messaging for us discuss with them their orders.

* Do you have a number which I can call to make orders?
As mentioned, we prefer to liaise with our customers through messaging for us to discuss with them their orders in a more personalised manner. We strongly believe in discussing with our clients so as to better cater to the needs of the event the kuehs would be meant for. Discussion would also allow any doubts to cleared or clarification to be made in a more immediate fashion. It would also allow us to advise our clients better on the feasibility of their orders, e.g. taboos behind certain kuehs, colour coordination and customisation etc. On a more pragmatic note, messaging also helps us to document and keep track of the individual order details, especially pertaining to special requests. This will help to avoid any possibility of miscommunication or an unlikely event of wrong orders.

* What is the minimum quantity of kuehs for one order?
The minimum order of our kuehs is one tray per type of kueh. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is specified in the individual writeup links for the kueh which can be found here.

* Can I order an assorted platter with different types of kuehs in one tray?
The MOQ is one tray per type of kueh. For example, one tray of kueh salat or bika ambon contains 30 to 32 pieces while one order of lapis sagu rainbow contains 36 pieces. Most of my kuehs are made and steamed or baked as entire trays. As such, they would be sold as entire trays as well. We regret to inform that we are not able to sell our kuehs in smaller quantities e.g. half portions at the moment as it would not be cost effective for us to do so otherwise. If you should find it challenging to finish the kuehs on your own or with your immediate family, you may wish to consider placing an order when you have a larger crowd, i.e. company luncheon or tea, family dinners, gatherings with old friends, etc when you can spread the joy and share your love for kuehs and more importantly, the calories!

* How long can your kuehs last?
We take pride in the fact that we use fresh ingredients in our kueh making, e.g. fresh coconut milk, freshly extracted pandan juice etc. As such, many of our kuehs are best enjoyed the day the kuehs are being collected or delivered. Authentically crafted kuehs tend to have a really short shelf-life as fresh coconut used go rancid really easily, especially in our hot and humid tropical climate. Careful storage in the fridge may help to lengthen their shelf-life allowing them to be enjoyed over a slightly longer period of time. On a more positive note, the kuehs are usually so popular that they are usually “sapued” in no time so the worry about shelf-life may be completely unfounded!

* Where is the location to collect the kuehs? Do you do deliveries?
Self-collection of orders is in the Sengkang area. The specific address will be provided upon confirmation of the order.

Delivery by an external courier is available with additional costs. The delivery charges depending in the timing and location the order needs to be delivered.

*How in advance do I need to place my order?
We will consider orders up to as near as 3 days prior to the collection/delivery date. Generally, our weekends are busier with the available slots and quota filled up more quickly than weekdays. So the earlier you can decide and confirm the order, the better!

*How do I make payment for my kueh order? Can I pay when I collect the kuehs or to the courier?
All orders can only be confirmed upon full payment being made in advance via ATM or online banking transfer. PAYNOW or PAYLAH payment transfer options are also available. We cannot accept payment by cash upon collection or delivery. Payment transfer details will be provided when the details of the order is concluded between us and the client. The order is considered void and invalid if payment is not received 2 days prior to the collection/delivery date unless alternative arrangements have been made prior between us and the client.

If you have an doubts or seek further clarification, kindly contact us either through Facebook (FB) or Instagram (IG) messaging to discuss order details, i.e. available dates, quantities, special arrangements and specifications etc.

FB –
IG – @alan_travellingfoodies

Alternatively, you may also wish to email us at OR