Our kuehs

*work in progress*

Kueh Cuchi Mulot are part & parcel, and somewhat synonymous to Peranakan culinary culture. Known for its rich variety which comes in a raid of colours and array of flavours and textures, “nyonya kuehs” are actually heavily influenced by its proximal gastronomic heritages in our region, i.e. Malays, Indonesian, Chinese, as well as Eurasian/Kristang/Serani communitites.

Here is our humble inventory of kueh cuchi mulot which are artisanally crafted upon request and orders. Please click on each link below to learn more about each kueh.

Abok Abok Sagu

Apom Balek Nyonya

Apom Berkuah/Bokwa

Bengkah Ubi Kayu

Bika Ambon

Kueh Chara Pandan/Manis

Kueh Dadar

Kueh Koo Itam/Hitam

Kueh Koo Merah

Kueh Koo Purple

Kueh Koo Yellow

Kueh Koswee/Kosui

Kueh Salat Pandan

Kueh Salat Durian

Kuih Cara Berlauk

Lapis Sagu Traditional

Lapis Sagu Rainbow

Orh Kueh (芋头糕)

Pulot Inti

Putu Tegair / Putugal